About me

Hello world. My name is Eddie Choi. I am a marketer, a serial entrepreneur who’ve founded two digital agencies in Hong Kong and Shanghai and one design agency in Singapore. I am also a Board Director of an event company in Hong Kong. But I’d like you to regard me as a passionate marketer because I love marketing and know how to do it right. In Sep 2017, I was diagnosed with cancer. I’ve gone through my chemotherapy and now am recovering my health. I guess this life incident has added another title to my CV. I am a cancer survivor.

I like marketing because it is a combination of art and science plus a lot of common senses. What I don’t like marketing is that when those common senses are missing. Without common sense, there is no wisdom.

In this blog, I want to share my insight and everyday encountering of the marketing’s dos and don’ts. I am particularly intrigued by a phenomenon that we as a marketer somehow have a tendency to brag about the fifty percent of our marketing. The fifty percent of the marketing outcome continues to bring us new surprise and learning. Inspired by the book “All Marketers are Liars” – by Seth Godin, my blog is called The Fifty Percent of Marketing. It is about the untold fifty percent. I hope you will enjoy reading my articles.